Vigor Update 1.18 Patch Notes (v14) for PS4, PC & Xbox

    Vigor game update 1.18 (14.0) is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC. According to the official Vigor 1.18 patch notes, the latest update adds a new map(Myren), a new Bear Trap and a new M4A1 Assault Rifle. Apart from this, today’s Vigor version 1.18 also includes stability improvements.

    Previously, an update added new features, fixes, and gameplay optimizations. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing some issues with the game. Today’s Vigor patch 1.18 will fix a few of these issues.

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    Vigor Update 14.0 Patch Notes – February 8, 2023

    The new Assault Rifle M4A1 joins the fray! This devastating Assault Rifle will be Military Grade and is sure to provide much thrills in every game mode! And one last fun fact about the M4A1: during our last feedback survey, this was one of the most requested weapons from our community!

    New Map – Myren! It translates to the “the marsh” from Norwegian, and you’ll get to find out why once you experience it yourself. We’re extremely proud to be able to release a new map, as it’s been one of the most requested features from our community. And now, finally, the wait is over!

    Myren is situated on the Norwegian-Russian border with the imposing toll booth station stealing the spotlight from the area, as well as the striking mountains in the back. You can try and imagine how the scenery looked before, during and after the apocalypse.

    The Bear Trap can be placed on the ground and a player may trigger it by walking over it which will result in slowing down the player quite significantly for a short while (and taking a little bit of damage as well). After the initial effect, players will sustain permanent damage to their max stamina for the rest of the match or until death. There will also be a persistent damage to stamina regeneration speed but that can be countered by using specific consumables.


    The Performance Mode is available in the “Options” menu on Xbox Series X and can be enabled or disabled. The mode uncaps the game’s frame rate for a smooth and low-input latency gameplay experience. In this mode, the game runs at up to 120 frames per second while reducing the game’s resolution to 1080p.

    If you have a compatible display, you can go to your console’s settings and go to the General tab. When you navigate to  “TV & display options”, you can select the “Refresh rate” option, and select 120 Hz. Additionally, if your display is compatible, you can enable the “Variable refresh rate”. With this setting activated, you can enjoy extra smoothness in terms of graphics! If the Performance Mode is disabled, you will continue to have the game rendering in 4K at 60 frames per second.

    Download free Vigor version 1.18 on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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