Last Oasis October 11 Update Patch Notes

    The last Oasis update is available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Last Oasis patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, fixes and various tweaks to the game.

    Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game.

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    Last Oasis Patch Notes – October 11, 2022

    • Added Balang Walker able to pack a large base and 3 Walkers.
    • Added packing to all Maintenance Chests to move structures easily.
    • Overhauled Packing System entirely. Packing now only possibly with special Packing Walkers, there is a decay timer that pushes you to use packing for moving instead of storing, completely remade the UI, made it more clear, overhauled packing restrictions to only count walls. Basically, read the post.
    • Fixed dead mobs like Okkam dealing damage after being dead if you ram into them.
    • Fixed Furnace not crafting quality items. All recipes should now craft quality.
    • Fixed Sap and Sulfur Pebbles not being the same Rarity as the original foliage.
    • Fixed Automatons not dropping their ammo inventory on destruction.
    • Fixed Automatons sometimes getting destroyed when netted.
    • Buffed Automatons from 500 to 900HP at default Rarity.
    • Made Automatons use Soft Armor instead of none.
    • Fixed Xbox/Controller navigation in some menus and containers.
    • Fixed all placement issues on Buffalo Walker.
    • Fixed some collisions on Trading Station. Made it easier to pass in some places, patched up holes where there was no collision.
    • Fixed Purification Station evaporating Water (won’t do it again).
    • Made furniture light sources not craft items.
    • Improved furniture light sources UI to be more clear, added names and tooltips.
    • Added Wooden Slab as an optional source for fueling furniture light sources.
    • Increased burning time of items in furniture light sources. Basically, improved light sources.
    • Fixed Humidifier not having proper name and tooltip when opening the screen. Lots of UI improvements this patch.
    • Made containers always show the correct name of the structure when renaming them.
    • Disabled renaming containers inside them. Made it more consistent to rename through building menu.
    • Removed Rarity from Flots. That was confusing.
    • Removed Flots from some Rupu loot tables. They were giving way too much.
    • Changed Buffalo and Falco T3 legs from Reinforced to Medium.
    • Fixed Rupu Throne rotation, position, and available poses.
    • Maybe fixed Rupu getting stuck in Ash Region Fortress camp on Sleeping Giants (please report if it happens again).
    • Fixed Papak, Okkam, and Nurr sometimes respawning instantly after death.
    • Fixed Contaminated and Toxic Water not evaporating when dropped like clean one.
    • Made Insect Bomb damage not stack the timer, but work the same as grappling hook snapping by extending the timer.
    • Lowered Insect Bomb damage from 0.9 to 0.5 per tick.
    • Fixed Gunpod Stinger not having Bone and Chitin ammo allowed like normal Stinger.
    • Fixed Gunpod and Gunpod Stinger sounds not playing when in use.
    • Added new icons for Gunpod Stinger to make it different from regular Stinger.
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