Legion TD 2 Update 10.01.2 Patch Notes

    Legion TD 2 update 10.01.2 is available on PC (Steam). According to the official Legion TD 2 game patch notes, the latest update brings balancing changes and fixes.

    Previously, a minor update was with tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing issues with the game since the last patch. Today’s Legion TD 2 Multiplayer Tower Defense patch 10.01.2 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Legion TD 2 Update Patch Notes – February 9, 2023

    • Health increased by 15% on all waves
    • Tenacity: 1.6% → 1.3%

    Tenacity successfully reduced one-shotting and smoothed out the relationship between leak % and king damage taken. However, it had some unintended effects on sending patterns in the mid-to-late game. Based on community feedback, we’re scaling back tenacity (conservatively to avoid being over-reactive). We’ll continue to monitor and make improvements next patch, as needed.

    Dark Mage
    • Mind Warp logic is now smarter about buffing some units, notably Shadow Dancer and Dread Knight

    • Attack speed: 1.98 → 1.9

    Download free Legion TD 2 update 10.01.2 on PC (Steam).

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