World of Tanks Blitz (WOT Blitz) Update 9 Patch Notes

    World of Tanks Blitz update 9 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official World of Tanks Blitz patch notes, the latest update added Japanese Heavies, balancing and more. Apart from this, the latest WOT Blitz patch 9 also includes stability fixes.

    A previous update was released with gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

    Today’s WOT patch 9 will fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

    WOT Blitz Update 9 Patch Notes – June 9, 2022

    Japanese Heavies

    The Japanese Tech Tree has grown a new branch of six researchable heavy tanks. All of them boast strong armor and good mobility. Starting from Tier VII, tanks of the new branch feature unique equipment that improves either ground crossing capacity or vertical gun turn limits.

    Even More Realism

    The Garage and Castilla map have received new graphics that will delight you with realistic materials and lighting. Trees sway from blast waves caused by shots and explosions, branches move apart as tanks drive through bushes… In three words, it’s sheer beauty! The new dynamic resolution option will help you appreciate it to the fullest. Make sure to check out the system requirements and enjoy improvements without any drops in performance!

    Reactions and Reports

    Reactions allow one to express their emotions after battle. They’re like emojis or stickers in a messaging app. Reports are a whole different story. They’re intended for reporting violations, such as unsporting conduct, provocative communication, or inactivity in battle. The new system will identify and impose just punishment on regular offenders based on your reports, so don’t let them get away with misbehavior.


    During this Update, all attachments will be available in the Camouflage menu at a 50% discount!

    The Moose Legendary camo for the Lansen C will also be added to the camo selection menu. A beast known for its fearlessness and unpredictability will appear on the turret, cold winter colors will cover the hull, and the tank’s battle name will change to Lansen Moose.

    Balance Changes


    • The top engine’s power-to-weight ratio was increased from 16.76 to 17.5 hp/t.
    • Top speed was increased from 45 to 50 km/h.


    • Magazine reload time was decreased from 17 to 16.5 s.
    • The top engine’s power-to-weight ratio was increased from 14.88 to 15.25 hp/t.
    • Top speed was decreased from 50 to 45 km/h.
    • The top gun’s dispersion at 100 m was increased from 0.35 to 0.36 m.
    • Changes to armor:
      • From 110 to 127 mm for the upper glacis plate of the hull.
      • From 108/88.9/50.8/127 to 118/96/70.8/167 mm for the turret collar front.
      • From 127/127/63.5 to 147/147/72.5 for the oscillating turret front.
      • From 127 to 237 mm for the gun’s mantlet.
      • From 127 to 107 mm for the commander’s hatch.

    40TP Habicha

    • For the top gun, reload time was increased from 8 to 9 s and dispersion at 100 m was increased from 0.38 to 0.39 m.

    FCM 50 t

    • Reload time was decreased from 7.2 to 6.5 s.
    • Dispersion at 100 m was decreased from 0.36 to 0.35 m.
    Improvements and Fixed Bugs
    • The T-34/100, Škoda T 25, Object 252U with its Vigilant Legendary camo, as well as the American Eagle attachment were updated to the new graphics quality.
    • A progress bar towards receiving a tank will now be shown when tapping the Charm icon or part of the certificate for a tank icon in the Storage.
    • Clan supply discounts on tanks will no longer be displayed in the Tech Tree. Instead, you can check the discount on the screen of the selected tank.
    • Various screens, descriptions, and notifications were improved.
    • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.

    Download free World of Tanks update 9 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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