Dome Keeper Update 2.4 Patch Notes (Springloaded Update)

    Dome Keeper update 2.4 is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Dome Keeper patch notes, the latest update adds three completely new gadgets to add to your arsenal: the Spire, the Autocannon and the Prospection Meter. Apart from this, Dome Keeper patch 2.4 also introduces tons of new quality of life and game balance improvements to the game.

    Previously, a major Dome Keeper patch 1 added various gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Dome Keeper patch 2.4 will address a few of these errors.

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    Dome Keeper Patch Notes – March 7, 2023


    • Added a defensive gadget called “Spire”, which can deal well with monster projectiles
    • Added an offensive gadget called “Autocannon”, which behaves like the stun laser but is all about dealing damage
    • Added a mining gadget called “Prospection Meter”, which displays the distance to the nearest resources
    • Probe can now detect caves and chambers
    • All primary gadgets got rebalanced, especially their battle abilities
      • Orchard shield and roots now persist between waves
      • Shield got more hp and reflection and electro blast got big buffs
      • Repellent wither now does not flat out reduce HP from all monsters, but makes monsters take much more damage while it lasts
    • Drillbert and Drilliam are now much better at drilling and the upgrade branch is now changed slightly
    • Added an upgrade for Drillbert which shows you the direction to Drillbert, when carrying a treat
    • Drillbert is now scared when monsters come instead of going to sleep, to better show the difference between the two states
    • Added slot visualisation for gadgets, so that you can see where each gadget goes upfront. You usually can only use one gadget per slot (so no stun laser and auto cannon together)
    • Added an upgrade to the Teleporter, to be able to teleport with a lot of carryables (like blast mines or Drillbert treats)
    • Rebalanced converter upgrades and conversions to offer more useful options
    • Reworked and improved the stun laser with a lot of new upgrades. Removed the damage option as this is now Autocannons job
    • lift orbs now always cost 1 water and 1 iron, and never increase in cost


    • Added two new run modifiers: ‘HUD’ and ‘Automation’
    • Countdown is now the default mode for prestige. The old standard mode is now called “endless”.
    • Changed prestige difficulty to not take collected resources or gadgets into account at all
    • Rebalanced relic hunt difficulty slightly, so amount of collected resources factors in less
    • Cobalt upgrades now increase in cost in prestige countdown, so that it won’t stretch the run for too long


    • Added additional stab damage to most of the sword blade upgrades, so upgrading the blade has a stronger positive impact on the stab
    • Improved Javelin visuals and feel
    • Increased Javelin damage
    • Buffed impact recuperation
    • Increased slice damage for all blade upgrades
    • Increased base health and additional health points from upgrades


    • Domes now have an auto heal upgrade, that will heal the dome if it is about to be destroyed but you still have cobalt
    • Domes now have a wave warner upgrade, that will let you know when it’s about time to head back to the dome because a wave approaches
    • Domes now have an upgrade that shows you the shortest way back to the dome. The shortest might not always be the fastest, but you can’t get lost this way
    • Added telemetry, which helps us balance the game and focus on the things that will improve it the most. Telemetry means capturing some in-game events and sending them to us, so we can better understand how you play. For example, we can see how often each upgrade is bought, and thus can buff upgrades that are rarely used
    • Added the option to manually choose gamepad icons in-menu (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo). Controllers are often detected as generic devices, so your operating system cannot detect that it is a PS4 controller, for example – and thus not automatically pick the right icons


    • To avoid unwanted relic bomb triggers in relic hunt, it will will only launch when hp reaches zero, and won’t trigger if auto repair can still happen
    • Fixed enemies staying stunned for the whole duration of repellents slowdown abilities, after going into full stun once
    • Fixed scarab sometimes surviving the relic bomb like a badass
    • Fixed worm rock not properly being removed after being blocked with sword
    • Fixed key hints for use key binding always showing E, irrespective of actual binding
    • Fixed some glyphs not updating to changed keybindings without reloading the game
    • Fixed numbers in tech tree being unpleasantly offset for languages with non-western fonts
    • Added more stats to the leaderboard submission to help with cheat detection
    • Fixed scanner cave not revealing first biome
    • Gadget drop will not get resources stuck anymore, if you deliver it to the dome with a lot of resources
    • Fixed gadget chamber not opening after reload, if game was saved while it was opening
    • Fixed big tick not properly playing its explosion sound when hitting the dome
    • Fixed Drillbert treat turning invisible when Drilliam is unlocked
    • Orchard shield now dissolves when dome is destroyed
    • Invulnerable monsters will not be affected by any stun or damage ability (caused various issues like big ticks being invulnerable because they were stunned underground by repellents paralysis)
    • For shield, fixed additional battle ability duration not being added after overcharging but depleting the overcharge part of the shield
    • Fixed shield gadget reflection ability not catching some projectiles reliably
    • Fixed beast animation getting messed up when stunned while jumping onto the dome
    • Critter worms will now vanish if their tile is destroyed
    • Tree seeds will also grow if they were about to root on a tile that then gets destroyed
    • Probe impulse and marker now properly react to game pause and persists in the game save
    • Fixed the big input icon in the pause menu not immediately switching, if input method was changed
    • Drillbert treat will now better catch up with Drillbert, if he’s speeding past it
    • Fixed language select panel in some locales never setting focus to language buttons, being unable to switch the language without the mouse
    • Fixed repeatable upgrades not marking resource cost as red, when it would be too expensive
    • Fixed save getting broken if saving after sword dome impact recuperation triggered
    • Fixed gadget choice popup sometimes staying outside of screen, if multiple gadgets are brought to the dome simultaneously
    • Fixed pet duplicating on reload when one hatched from an egg and one was brought with you
    • Triggers can now be properly bound to actions
    • Fixed faulty animation of diver when it hits the dome while the dome is invulnerable
    • Fixed sword pad still reflecting projectiles after dome got destroyed
    • Fixed shield hud not updating battle ability display when wave ends


    • Slightly better carry capability of engineers first carry upgrade
    • Orchard now shows additional battle ability use from overcharge in HUD too
    • Reduced driller damage by 20%
    • Slightly reduced lasers stun capability
    • Last health upgrade of laser dome increases health less, but is also cheaper

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