Dead Cells Update 1.45 Patch Notes (New DLC) – March 7, 2023

    Motion Twin has released a new Dead Cells update 1.45 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). According to the official Dead Cell patch notes, the latest update adds a new DLC (Return to Castlevania). Apart from this, today’s Dead Cells patch 1.45 also includes various bug fixes and balancing changes.

    Previously, a major Boss Rush update added 6 new outfits, weapons, a shovel knight, a new weapon and much more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Dead Cells version 1.45 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Dead Cells Update 1.45 Patch Notes – March 7, 2023

    • NEW DLC: Return to Castlevania!A gateway to a striking castle has suddenly appeared, and an imposing warrior called Richter asks you to help him vanquish the great evil within.
      Enticed by the promise of new loot rather than a sense of moral duty, you strike out through the grounds and corridors of the gothic castle to find and kill this mysterious Dracula…

      Slay hordes of his supernatural minions as you progress through our biggest DLC yet, including two levels, three bosses and a new storyline!

    • 2 Biomes:
    • Castle Outskirts, depth two.Navigate this three-parts biome and use different mechanisms to find your way through. Only one thing standing between you and the castle: a drawbridge. And a tower. And a broken elevator. And a few monsters.
    • Dracula’s Castle, depth three/six.Scale the castle, reach the roof and find the exit to Dracula’s tower. Make sure to not get lost, as this is our first biome capable on looping onto itself!

      This biome is only accessible after Castle’s Outskirts, until you reach a certain point in the DLC storyline, at which it will start appearing at depth six. However, you can’t get there more than once per run. The biome’s overall difficulty will depend on its depth, with new monsters and a longer runtime.

    • 3 Bosses:
    • Death, stage one.Servant and protector of Dracula, it will prevent you from reaching the throne as long as it stands. Hits done by its iconic scythe will steal a part of your soul, who knows what happens once it gets all six of them!
    • Dracula, stage three.The fight against the freshly resurrected master himself is only accessible after going through the hardest version of Dracula’s Castle, fight against the master himself, freshly resurrected. Dodge his walls of projectiles, kicks and grabs to hopefully land the final blow on this monster.
    • Dracula – Final Form, stage four.Our most ambitious boss battle yet in terms of scale, and acting as a second phase for Dracula, fight the beast in the falling debris of a collapsing castle.

    • 11 Mobs:
    • Medusa, Mini-Boss.Holding the key to the Throne, she will take the first chance she gets to petrify you and unleash flurries of claw attacks. Rolling behind her is not always an option, as she is quick enough to catch you there.
    • Buer, Melee.Rolls around the corridors of the castle. Once it has seen you, it will charge a dash of varying speed, and try to smash you with its whole body.
    • Werewolf, Melee.A ferocious, very persevering beast. It will track you down and unleash flurries of claw attacks once it gets in range.
    • Dire Werewolf, Melee.An even more ferocious and persevering version of the Werewolf.
    • Armor Knight, Melee.Uses its spear to attack through walls, ceilings and ground.
    • Axe Armor, Melee & Ranged.
      Hides among the statues of the castle and will reveal itself once you pass by, at which point it will start attacking with its axe, using melee attacks and projectiles.
    • Merman, Ranged.Spits out fireballs right at your face, duck at the right time to dodge them!
    • Throw Master, Ranged.Throws bones at varying parabolic trajectories, trying to anticipate your movement.
    • Vampire Bat, Flying.Flies around until it finds an opening, at which point it will charge directly at you.
    • Harpy, Flying.Flies around the level, hitting you with its claws and regularly using charged dash attacks.
    • Bone Pillar, Support.Only present in one specific setting, will stay put on the ground and shoot projectiles of varying heights at you.

    • 6 Melee Weapons:
    • Vampire Killer, Brutality & Tactic.Long-range whip that ignores shields and inflicts Critical Damage to burning enemies. Enemies killed will leave a pool of flames at their feet!
    • Whip Sword, Two-Handed, Brutality.Freely switch between a long-range, slower whip and a short-range, faster sword. Can be transformed mid-combo to inflict a Critical Damage!
    • Bible, Survival.If the two attacks of the weapon hit a target, throw it on a rotary trajectory, dealing Critical Damage increasing with each new hit.
    • Alucard’s Sword, Brutality & Survival.If a target is in front of you in mid range, teleports you near it and attacks it, dealing Critical Damage.
    • Death’s Scythe, Survival.Forces the spirit of enemies you killed to help you, summoning them as allies. They will target and explode on near enemies, dealing a Critical Hit.
    • Morning Star, Brutality.A brutal whip with a star-shaped head. Can be held to spin the whip along with your movement. Deals Critical Hits with the spiked ball.

    • 3 Ranged Weapons:
    • Cross, Tactic.Throws a cross forward for a few seconds, after which it will return, dealing Critical Damage.
    • Throwing Axe, Tactic & Survival.Throws an axe on a parabolic trajectory, dealing Critical Damage during its descent.
    • Medusa’s Head, Survival & Tactic.Rolls the head on the ground, petrifying hit enemies. Once it stops, or upon reactivation, it bumps enemies in the air, forcing fall damage.

    • 1 Shield:
    • Alucard’s Shield, Brutality & Survival.Can be used to inflict melee attacks, dealing Critical Damage after a parry.

    • 4 Skills:
    • Holy Water, Tactic & Survival.Toss a vial on the ground, creating a pillar of fire and and burning hit enemies.
    • Rebound Stone, Survival.Throws a magic stone that bounces on surfaces and moves faster after each bounce. Deals Critical Damage after passing through you.
    • Maria’s Cat, Brutality & Survival.Summons a kitty kitty cat kitty oooo kittttyyyyy on your shoulder. It leaves and go wander around, attacking enemies he crosses. Can be reactivated to make the cat unleash a flurry of slashes, dealing Critical Damage.
    • Bat Volley, Brutality & Tactic.Throws a flurry of moving bats, dealing Critical Damage once they pass through one enemy.

    • 20 Outfits.

    • 12 Remixed Castlevania Tracks with their 8-bit versions.

    • New Soundtrack Option, with 51 Castlevania tracks playing throughout the whole game.

    • An alternative menu artwork.

    • New Gamemode: Richter Mode!Play as Richter in a modified version of Dracula’s Castle with a new moveset, new physics and a limited set of weapons, mimicking the original Castlevania gameplay.

      Explore the corridors, defeat monsters, find new abilities and unlock new paths in this fully-fledged small-scale metroivania, available once you complete the Return to Castlevania storyline!


    • Starfury now summons two stars on hit, but the base damage was reduced a bit.
    • Diverse Deck Foresight now takes a certain number of killed enemies to recharge.
    • Baseball Bat cannot breach on crit anymore. To prevent an infinite crit exploit.
    • Hunter’s Grenade and Leghugger cannot be used to feed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics anymore.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed modified Concierges not doing their leap attacks at higher difficulties.
    • Fixed some doors’ lights being way too strong.
    • Fixed big frame drops in certain biomes on Switch.
    • Fixed some localization issues, such as missing words, missing chinese characters, etc.
    • Fixed a crash when exiting a level while a Caster is nearby.
    • Fixed Risk of Rain’s Imp Altar being able to spawn on top of a Scroll.
    • Fixed Legendary Pedestal being able to spawn on top of Boss Cells Doors.
    • Fixed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics’ lightning orbs being destroyed by lava.
    • Fixed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics stunning the player against shielded Shieldbearers and Ground Shakers.
    • Fixed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics being considered a melee attack.
    • Fixed Diverse Deck Foresight passive cooldown sometimes being infinite.
    • Fixed being able to reset Diverse Deck Foresight cooldown by switching its spot in the inventory.
    • Fixed Mini-map not showing in Daily Challenge
    • Fixed Boss HP Bar being invisible after reloading the game.
    • Fixed crash with Shockers falling off platforms while doing their attack.
    • Fixed Scarecrow melee attacks hitting twice.
    • Fixed dynamic glow not displaying on some weapons.
    • Fixed Oven Knight being able to stun-lock the player while being taunted.
    • Fixed Starfury projectiles being able to attack not-yet-spawned Scorpions.
    • Fixed Lancer being able to see through Invisibility when the player is rolling.
    • Fixed Legendary Baseball Bat AoE attack also stunning pets.
    • Fixed Throwable Objects ammo resetting when putting in the backpack.
    • Fixed Double Bullets and Triple Bullets affixes descriptions being inverted in french.

    Download free Dead Cells patch 1.45 on PlayStations 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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